About Us

Ningbo Yunsheng Musical Movement Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional musical movement manufacturer, which is a affiliated enterprise in "Yunsheng Group”.
We can develop a new product according to the model, data or even an idea.
We have dozens of national patented technology, flexible robot assembly line, automatic frequency-modulation equipment and other high-tech equipment to ensure the good quality.

In 1992, the musical movement with the first independent intellectual property rights in China, was born in Ningbo Yunsheng Company. After Yunsheng people’s several decades of unremitting efforts, Yunsheng has gotten a series of noticeable achievements. At present, Yunsheng is a global leader and the most specialized manufacturer in the field of the musical movement. We hold more than 50% of the musical movement market share all over the world.
We have musical movements with hundreds of different functions, and we provide more than 4000 melodies for musical movements.

Company Culture

Enterprise Spirit 

Spend everyday valuably.

Enterprise Mission 

Established in integrated industry of new materials, new energy and electro mechanics, devoted to developing energy saving efficient green products.

Enterprise Vision  

To be the leader.

Core Values 

Be a person respected by society, build an enterprise respected by society.

Product Application

Musical movement is a mechanism utilizing mechanical vibration to play music. It has been widely used in many fields, such as handicraft, gift box, plastic toys, plush toys,  jewel box, lamps, festival gifts, and so on.