TIPS–How to select the exact models

Our product -musical movement, it is a mechanical device, a traditional and classic product, not a electronic product.

Okay, if you are a beginner, please pay attention to the following seven questions, and try to find out the exact models which you want.

1) Which driving force you want

a) Spring driven, wind up by key

b) Hand crank

c) Battery operated,

d) Without driving force, but will be with an input shaft, can be connected to the driving force of your product

2) What is the dimension you want?

a) Standard model dimensions: 50.5×44.5×21.5mm

b) Miniature model dimensions: 37x29x12mm; Super Miniature, 24x19x7mm

c) Big model dimensions, 70×56.5×24.5mm (30-note), 50-note, 78-note will be bigger.

3) What is the function you want to add?

First of all, the basic feature of almost model is the “Music”. Secondly, the optional attachments:

a) Stop function: Rotary switch, Rotating shaft as stop device, Vertical stopper, Bottom Vertical stopper, Wire & rod stopper

b) Protection case

c) Pull string

d) Actions output: Rotating shaft, or Rotating magnets, Pendulum shaft, or seesawing device, Line-motion, Vertical action or Parallel glide

e) Circuit contact switch

4) What is the price you want?

The standard 18-note movements are the cheapest models, the miniature, big and deluxe movements’ price will be higher.

5) Select tunes from our existing tune list

More than 4000 tunes for selection, usually the mini quantity is 1000pcs per tune, if less than MOQ, the cost will rise.

6) If all above are not you want, can custom a special model or tune for you.

You need to offer the details of your ideas.

7) Special model

Without music, just the clockwork, but with an output shaft.

Post time: May-19-2022